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As the world gets smaller and communication technology brings people closer, businesses are branching out all over the globe. International business travel has become a necessity of business. Corporations can take on the expense of creating an entire travel department, but most opt to outsource the task to a business travel agency.

Business travel extends the job duties beyond the normal workload and commute. The business pays the tab or reimburses the employee. Business travel agencies help by selling a complete travel package that would account for accommodations on the trip, transportation to get to business meetings, group packages and vacation incentives for employees. While on a business trip, you are expected to conduct yourself as if you were in the office. On trips, you represent the company
A business trip is, technically, any trip made as a requirement for one's work. In practice, however, the expression "business trip" usually means traveling out of town, or even country, for work. This can be to visit a potential client, attend a conference, or to meet with another branch of your company. Some jobs require near-constant travel, while other workers view the opportunity for paid travel as practically a vacation.
Whether the trip is to close the big sale or to present your budget to corporate, the fact remains: a business trip is a great chance to make a name for yourself. You've been sent to represent your company, and it's one of those “make-or-break” opportunities. You can look sharp and come home a hero, or pretend it's an excuse to get drunk in a foreign city and stall your career. Make the most of your time in front of the heavy hitters, and travel like a pro business traveler. Start with our primer on business trips, and make sure you get to fly with carryon only by reading our packing tips for business travel.
Every day at TRAVEL TAILOR we provide efficient and reliable solutions for your corporate needs including transfers and long or short stay requirements.

Our internal travel agency offers the best in terms of quality and competence in transportation, hotel and related services.
Services Offered

  • Hotel bookings
  • Direct bookings & issuance of national and international tickets
  • Direct bookings & issuance of boat tickets
  • Local and airport assistance
  • Transfer Services
  • Car rentals with or without driver
  • Travel-planning, visits and excursions
  • Tour leader and tour guide
  • City Breaks
  • Last Minute Deals
  • Anything else that you may require.

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