Provided Wedding Services:

  • Wedding planner services
  • Wedding Party / Venue suggestions
  • Catering alternative menus
  • Entertainment
    (D.J. or Live Music services)
  • Photography & videography
    (Wedding day and Day after if requested)
  • Wedding Ceremony
  • Floral design & Wedding Decoration
  • Outfits
  • Wedding styling
    (Hair Stylish, Manicure Pedicure)
  • Transportation for you and your guests
    (transfers and Tours)
  • Accommodation for you and your guests
    (3*-5* hotels- Villas)
  • Tickets
    (air tickets, ferry ticket, train tickets)
  • Budget management
  • Honeymoon
  • Anything else that is requested by the couple.

In the Land of the Gods, you are the Goddess!

No matter what your preferences, there is always  a bride for every season.
In Greece you\'ll find your dream place for your wedding no matter the season or the style.

Breathtaking island weddings or Romantic Mountain ones, one is for certain, your wedding day will be unforgettable!
Our Specialists, will plan and organize the whole wedding, as per your needs and special wishes or desires.
From 2 to 1.000 Guests, just say 'Yes' and we\'ll take care all the rest!
Our  Wedding Packages Include:

  • Accommodation Services in Luxury Hotels, Villas, Cave Rooms, Resorts etc for the guests
  • Honeymoon Villas or Suites for the bride and the groom
  • Transfer Services ( Limousine, Luxury cars, Busses- Mini Busses

Suggested Wedding Destinations in Greece:

Civil Wedding in Santorini

'What makes love last forever?'

Those who loved Santorini, Loved it forever!
The locals say it has a Heart that beats loud and vibrates the Mountains, the Land and the Sea.
And the Hearts of people coordinate with its own and Stay…The hours roll smoothly, the island in spring shows another self, the real…maybe other colors, other action.
In Santorini, close your eyes and feel the quiet power that underlies beneath the dark waters:
'Those who can feel it, always return back '
The Unique geological phenomenon of the Volcano, created a place of astonishing beauty in the middle of the Aegean.
Santorini and the Volcano will Amaze you!
Suitable for Romantic, Glamorus / V.I.P Weddings and Unique Thematic Weddings as Winery Weddings.

Civil Wedding in Mykonos

One of the most popular travel destinations in Greece Mykonos. Is one of the nicest destinations to celebrate your wedding.
Widely acclaimed as the most fashionable and exclusive holiday resort in Greece. After the awarding of the Acropolis Museum as the best museum in the world, another prestigious award was given to Greece and vitalized its prospects for next summer: Mykonos was awarded as the best European island, according to the famous magazine Conde Nast Traveller.
In fact, Mykonos wins the Conde Nast Travel Reader\'s Choice for the seventh time in the row. Once more, Mykonos outrun the most competitive islands of the Mediterranean and southern Europe, including Ibiza, Capri, Madeira and Majorca.
Suitable for Modern, Glamorus & V.I.P Weddings.

Civil Wedding in Athens

Athens: Probably one of the most well-known and most beautiful cities in Europe, Athens is the capital of Greece. Athens still is the city of ancient Greek gods, aspect that can be still seen in the city monuments and remains. Athens is for sure one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. The establishment of the city of Athens is lost in a mythological past. Among European cities, Athens is the oldest one and the one with the longest history. This history is still evident in the buildings and monuments of today\'s Greek capital. Take the chance to get to know the many faces of the city...
Weddings in Athens can take place all seasons, with surprising colors of  Romance!

Civil Wedding in Pelion

Pelion is a mountain at the southeastern part of Thessaly in central Greece,  forming a hook-like peninsula between the Pagasetic Gulf and the Aegean Sea.
The mountain is thickly forested, both deciduous and perennial forests, mainly of beech, oak, maple and chestnut trees, with plane tree groves surrounding places with water.  Pelion is considered one of the most beautiful mountains in Greece and is a popular tourist attraction throughout the year: hiking trails and stone paths give access to springs, coves and numerous beaches sandy or pebbly set among lusciously green slopes.
Pelion is an amply watered mountain, with an abundance of springs, gorges, streams and rivulets, with many streams routed in carved stone artificial
Beds to bring the water to the villages and their thriving orchards.
The higher elevations of the mountain receive enough snowfall so as to host skiing facilities that operate from Christmas to Easter.
Valid for Weddings all the year.

Civil Wedding in Mani

One needs only 3 days to cross Mani, 3 months to wander around it and 3 lives to understand its soul!
One life will be spend to investigate its Sea, One to get its Mountains and One to get to know its People.
About 800 towers are scattered all over Mani, they are found everywhere in villages, mountains, on seashores.
These monuments of folk architecture reflect the social and historical conditions Of the Maniot life.
You will find the world\'s most beautiful floating caves, the unusual architectural structures, the houses that look like towers and settlements like fortresses!
Their churches are decorated with most splendid frescoes.
Come and walk along the old and narrow stone paths of traditional villages and let us plan for you a Marvelous Wedding!

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