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Three islands cruise - Athens One Day Cruise Program

  • One day cruise program

    We depart at 08.00 a.m. heading to the three beautiful islands of the Saronic Gulf.

    After departure, our guide and the hostesses will ask you to assemble in one of the main lounges of the ship to get ac-quainted and to give you all the information concerning the ship, the program of the cruise and the islands and to make sure you will have a to have a pleasant day.

    • Hydra

      The favorite island of the jet set, whose old traditional beautiful stone houses and mansions silently witness to a long and turbulent story. The small narrow stone paved streets await you to explore them on foot or by the island's tradi-tional "vehicle" the saddled donkeys... captivating walks along the old seaside promenade crystal clear waters, radiant fine craft shops and the beauty of Hydra will conquer you!

      Hydras' island information:

      A favorite retreat of the international jet-set Hydra maintains its rare blend of enduring ethnic heritage and graceful cosmopolitan panache which single it out as one of the last unspoiled jewels of traditional Mediterranean allure offering its visitors a unique glimpse of the living past.

      The enchanting architecture and dramatic landscapes of the island are even more accentuated by stories of its often harsh history and heroic feats of its proud fleet.

      A beloved "muse" of many great artists and craftsmen Hydra is a home to numerous delightful shops displaying beautiful works of creative originality inspired by the island's wealthy traditional heritage.

      Dedicated to pedestrians Hydra is a perfect place to relax and enjoy one of the most spectacular sunsets in Greece, visit one of the cozy coffee shops on the waterfront, spend time shopping for the "perfect" gift or explore the narrow cobbled streets on foot or by the island's traditional "vehicle": the saddled donkey!

      Our stay in Hydra is about 2 hours.

    • Poros

      Although it is the smallest of the three islands that we visit, its attraction is the narrow strait offering a most enchant-ing view of the town of Poros.

      Separated from the Peloponnese by a narrow strait this beautiful green island will mesmerize you with its groves of pine & lemon trees and relaxing walk through quiet narrow streets for a rewarding panoramic view from the town's clock tower.

      Poros' island information:

      Poros is a lush tranquil island-pair only just separated form the Peloponnese by a narrow strait on opposite sides of which lay the towns of Poros and Galatas.

      Often referred to as the "Venice of the Saronic Gulf" the two towns' sole contact is by boat giving them a special charm and feeling of living "on" water.

      The passage through the 200 meter wide strait provides an unforgettable view of the gorgeous traditionally White & Blue painted classic houses of Poros town on the island side and enchanting lemon orchards embracing the lively fishing village of Galatas on the Peloponnese side. Expressed masterfully by the words of the great American writer Henry Miller: "...suddenly I realized that we were sailing through the streets. If there is one dream which I like above all others it is that of sailing on land. Coming into Poros gives the illusion of the deep dream. Suddenly the land converges on all sides and the boat is squeezed into a narrow strait from which there seems to be no egress. The men and women of Poros are hanging out of the windows, just above your head. You pull in right under their friendly nostrils, as though for a shave and haircut en route."

      Cloaked in mythical mist Poros island was the stage of countless legends and historic events involving gods, nobles and mortals alike. Believed to be the island of Poseidon its forests shelter the 6 century B.C. temple dedicated to the revered sea-god which is also the very place where according to historians, the great Greek orator Demosthenes ended his life fleeing form the unforgiving Macedons. Theseus, the fearless slayer of the mighty Minotaur was born here and Minoan & Mycenaean Kings left their marks while leading their military campaigns along Argosaronic shores.

      The town of Poros rests dramatically on top of a tiny volcanic island of Kalavriaa separated from its sister island Sphairia by a thin narrow isthmus making Poros an actual "island-pair". Dominated by an imposing clock tower which overlooks the beautifully preserved traditional Greek island houses the town delightfully reflects scenes form bygone times tastefully blended with exciting rhythms of modern society.

      Time flies by unnoticeably once you surrender to the alluring charms of the narrow cobbled passages that lead you from one revelation to another forever etching memorable impressions into you heart.

      Our stay in Poros is about 1 hour.

    • Aegina

      The largest of the three islands. Apart from its harbor, there are optional organized tours by air conditioned busses visiting the Temple of Afea (archeological site) or the Church of Saint Nektarios, whose relics are display. The above mentioned tours are optional and are sold on board the ship.

      The largest of the Saronic Islands, has enjoyed a very dynamic past and a rich and vibrant present articulated beautifully through its wonderful Pistachio Groves as well as colorful floating fruit, vegetable & fish markets.

      We heartily recommend one of our optional tours through which you will discover the charms of this enchanting island:

      - Visit to the Church of Saint Nectarios which is a beautiful example of classic Byzantine architecture housing the Saint's silver carved tomb as well as relics for his everyday life.

      - The second tour visits the wonderfully preserved 5th century B.C. temple of Afaia which sits majestically upon a forested hill and offers a magnificent view of the Argosaronic Gulf.

      Aeginas' island information:

      An island of great natural beauty and long dynamic history which left many extraordinary marks starting from early Neolithic finds, through artefacts and monuments from the vibrant classical ages all up to the turbulent modern times. It's wonderful pistachio grove and olive tree landscapes along with the numerous charming fishing villages and quiet golden beaches make it one of the favourite destinations of Athenians and their guests.

      Aegina's classical heritage is best presented by the remarkably preserved 5 century B.C temple of Aphaia dedicated to the island's guardian goddess which is the lone example of a 2 storey ancient Hellenic shrine along with being a part of the mystical "Sacred Triangle" together with the Parthenon of Acropolis and the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion. Also, within walking distance form Aegina Port on the hill of "Kolona" stands a Doric column remaining from the 6 century B.C. temple of Apollo.

      Another exceptional site of the island is the church of St. Nectarios. Built in impressive Byzantine style the church houses the silver-carved tomb and displays relics from the saint's life.

      Opposite the monastery of Agios Nektarios there is a hill covered with the ruins of the deserted city of Palaiohora which was the island's medieval capital and whose castle was where the local population sought refuge during pirate raids.

      Aegina Town (Lively Fish Market, Colourful Floating Fruit and Vegetable Marketplace, Chapel of St. Nicholas, Shops, café's, Shops, Museums)

      Aegina Port's lively fish market and colorful floating fruit and vegetable marketplace.

      Our stay in Aegina is about 2 hours.

      On our way back to Marina Flisvos, a traditional Greek folk show with singers and dancers will entertain you up to the final moment as the ship arrives at Marina Flisvos.

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